Meetup/Signing/Photo Disclaimer:

We know that part of the fun of attending Playlist Live is getting the chance to meet your favorite content creators walking around the property or in designated signing lines, so we do our best to maximize the opportunities you have to do that.

We encourage you to explore all of what Playlist Live has to offer such as our Business Insight Track, Expo Hall and live stage performances throughout the event.

We want to make it clear that there is no guarantee you will meet, get an autograph or take a photo with any particular creator. If you are in line for a meet up, there is a chance the room will reach capacity or a scheduling conflict may occur. We will do our best to make it very clear when a line is cut off so you do not waste any time heading to the next activity at Playlist Live.

You probably shouldn’t buy a ticket to Playlist Live if the ONLY reason you’re coming is to get a signature or photo from a creator. It is possible you will meet some of them, but due to time restraints and safety reasons, we can’t guarantee it. We hope you understand!

There will be no refunds issued after December 1st, 2014. If you have purchased a ticket with the expectation of a guaranteed opportunity to meet a specific creator or group of creators and would like a refund, please contact us well before December 1st, 2014.

Thanks and we’ll see you at Playlist Live <3